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G2 Patch Archive Listing
12 entries found.
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[see]Jun 17, 10RivelenNord Modular G2 Discussionos x 10.64 problem or corrupted patch? please test
sid drums 12.pch2
[see]Jun 5, 08RivelenDrumSID Drums
bug midi zone.pch2
Load it in slot B
[see]May 15, 08RivelenBugsMidi zone bug
tea bee.pch2
[see]Apr 16, 08RivelenNord Modular G2 Discussion303 cloning, Envelope challenge, DIY envelopes+Filters
sing fish bass2.pch2
[see]Mar 31, 08RivelenNord Modular G2 DiscussionG2 controlling a real 303
[see]Mar 2, 08RivelenG2 Building BlocksShufflizer
[see]Aug 29, 07RivelenG2 Building BlocksCellular automata
sqCtrl bug.pch2
[see]Aug 29, 07RivelenBugsSeqCtr bug
poly seq1.46.pch2
[see]Mar 10, 07RivelenSequencer - interactivepolyphonic live sequencer
poly seq1.44.pch2
[see]Mar 8, 07RivelenSequencer - interactivepolyphonic live sequencer
clocked fm 2.7.pch2
[see]Mar 8, 07RivelenDrumClocked FM drums
clocked fm 2.1.pch2
[see]Mar 3, 07RivelenDrumClocked FM drums

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