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G2 Patch Archive Listing
46 entries found.
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[see]Sep 11, 07WanFXTransient Designer
V-synth Control2.pch2
A control patch for a V-synth XT
[see]May 22, 07WanNord Modular G2 DiscussionRemap system CC# that are not reconfigurable
RemapCC# example.pch2
A simple example remapping the Wheel and the Control pedal to cc#
[see]May 22, 07WanNord Modular G2 DiscussionRemap system CC# that are not reconfigurable
The Zheng of Megerov combined with a voicedelaypad
[see]Apr 30, 06WanG2 Patches - ExperimentalChinese Zheng
RevModder V1.pch2
A reverberated signal gets resonated again in the poly area.
[see]Apr 3, 06WanG2 Patches - ExperimentalReverb resonators
A Samchillian (google it up) implementation for the G2
[see]Mar 29, 06WanG2 Patches - ExperimentalTipee
5 over 4.pch2
5 over 4 timing demo
[see]Jan 22, 06WanG2 FAQLFO at the speed of X times 5 (aka quintuplet)
Kind of acoustic toybells
[see]Oct 17, 05WanG2 Patches - ExperimentalOscless
Wurlitzer wah V7.pch2
A wurlitzer like electric piano sound with a wah possibility. You do use a control pedal, do you?
[see]Oct 17, 05WanPianoWurlitzer like with wah V5
cz_g2 wk.pch2
Edited version of CZzzzz
[see]Oct 17, 05WanSynthCZzzzzz
Chord memory syn a la polysix with some added functionality
[see]Oct 12, 05WanNord Modular G2 DiscussionVariation changes with note # (good for Rs7000+g2 setup)
JulySynth V1.pch2
A polysynth with some tricks i learned in July 2005 (jitter and tilt that is).
[see]Jul 28, 05WanSynthPolysynth with some tricks i learned in July
5 voices each with their own pitchbend controller
[see]Jun 22, 05WanG2 Patches - ExperimentalPolybend
Adda bitmatrix.pch2
ADDA waveshaping with bitmatrix and bit dividers
[see]Jun 12, 05WanG2 Patches - ExperimentalSquelch without filter
adda sync.pch2
[see]Jun 11, 05WanG2 Patches - ExperimentalSquelch without filter
[see]Jun 10, 05WanG2 Building BlocksSaw wave frequency doubler
[see]Jun 10, 05WanG2 Patches - ExperimentalSquelch without filter
BrassX V8.pch2
[see]Jun 10, 05WanSynthSaw waves synth
Stereo StringModel V2.prf2
[see]May 28, 05WanG2 Performances - CompletedStereo string model
Stereo StringModel V1.prf2
[see]May 3, 05WanG2 Performances - CompletedStereo string model
[see]Apr 14, 05WanNord Modular G2 DiscussionBug in the NoteDetect module? V 1.30
32 Inca solo.prf2
[see]Apr 14, 05WanNord Modular G2 DiscussionBug in the NoteDetect module? V 1.30
HW Cleanguitar1.prf2
[see]Feb 28, 05WanG2 Performances - CompletedClean electroguitar
DSP audiorater.prf2
[see]Feb 17, 05WanG2 Patches - ExperimentalLow level dsp 3rd Exp (SymphFromHell)
[see]Jan 27, 05WanNord Modular G2 DiscussionRadio-button constants
Chord memory syn.pch2
[see]Dec 27, 04WanSequencer - interactiveChord Memory
ChordMem PrKeys.pch2
[see]Oct 26, 04WanSequencer - interactiveChord Memory
Polysix Chordmem.pch2
Chordmemory function as on the korg polysix.
[see]Oct 21, 04WanSequencer - interactiveChord Memory
Chord capture.pch2
Example of chord capture using a s/h module
[see]Oct 21, 04WanSequencer - interactiveChord Memory
G2 Space Station.pch2
[see]Sep 15, 04WanFXG2 Space Station
[see]Sep 12, 04WanG2 Patches - ExperimentalOops
DigWave Osc.pch2
[see]Sep 12, 04WanG2 Patches - ExperimentalPatternGen oscillator
LfoShpA audio test.pch2
[see]Sep 12, 04WanG2 Patches - ExperimentalLfoshpA Audio
[see]Sep 10, 04WanNord Modular G2 DiscussionBug I think...
32v stereo synth.pch2
[see]Sep 10, 04WanPadDSP cheap stereo pad synth
0hz Fm Harmo.pch2
[see]Sep 10, 04WanLead0 hz fm harmonica thingy
[see]Sep 9, 04WanG2 Patches - ExperimentalLevelscaler as waveshaper
HW lead V4.pch2
[see]Aug 22, 04WanLeaddistorted lead
VoiceDelay Pad.pch2
[see]Aug 20, 04WanPadVoiceDelay pad
The curve and the limits of the pitchstick are processed to react more like a wheel.
[see]Jul 19, 04WanG2 Patches - ExperimentalPitchbend limiter
Wurlitzer wah V5.pch2
Wurlitzer like with a wah, don't forget the pedal to control it:)
[see]Jul 19, 04WanPianoWurlitzer like with wah V5
[see]Jul 19, 04WanClassicSmall Synth
[see]Jul 19, 04WanLeadA lead synth in the Tommy Mars style.
FZBrMalletRoll V.pch2
A brass sound combined with a mallet that can play a roll at a buttonpress.
[see]Jul 19, 04WanLeadBrass and mallet roll
A-dorisch Vce V1.pch2
A lead that plays in a defined scale with three voices.
[see]Jul 19, 04WanLeadA dorisch voice V1
OctaveJumper V2.pch2
Uses status module and control sequencers to jum;p through the octaves. Play block chords for maximum effect. Not riffs...
[see]Apr 10, 04WanSynthOctaveJumper

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