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G2 Patch Archive Listing
6 entries found.
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vosim analog.pch2
[see]Nov 23, 07electrobozNord Modular G2 DiscussionVosim
[see]Apr 22, 07electrobozG2 Patches - Experimentala flexible, dsp cheap, noise percussion patch
additive vox proof.prf2
work in progress
[see]Feb 3, 07electrobozG2 Performances - Experimentaladditive vox
[see]Feb 1, 07electrobozG2 Patches - Experimentalphysical/additive hybrid bowed violin
Hawaiian vibe.prf2
[see]Jan 23, 07electrobozG2 Performances - NoodlesUkulele Strumming and finger picking
additive sweep.pch2
[see]Dec 15, 06electrobozG2 Patches - Experimentalfilterless additive filter sweep emulation

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