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G2 Patch Archive Listing
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Tim's first electric piano model (electricpiano_tk) with the Rob's soft clipper and an external loop as alternative distorsions.
[see]Jul 30, 09stiiiiiiivePianoElectric piano model
A beat destroyer. See post for details.
[see]May 19, 07stiiiiiiiveAudio InBeat Destroyer
A single slot 8 tracks 32 steps trigger sequencer for your drummer ego.
[see]Nov 16, 06stiiiiiiiveG2 Building Blocks8x32 drum sequencer
This patch compmutes a control signal proportional to the temporal derivative of a in signal. Try it with a constant in, and a knob/wheel first...
[see]Nov 15, 06stiiiiiiiveG2 Building BlocksDerivative controller

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