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G2 Patch Archive Listing
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A simple min / max tracker patch
[see]Jan 16, 09zynthetixG2 Building BlocksMinimum / Maximum level recordor
patch that shows use of pitch stick as a generic midi controller via CC
[see]Mar 29, 05zynthetixG2 FAQHow to route the pitch stick out thru MIDI send modules?
noodle of bird-sounding chirps and calls.
[see]Mar 17, 05zynthetixG2 Performances - Noodlesfor the birds
experimental patch for an interface that achieves the effect of one knob being assigned to multiple pages (for keyboard users). Load in slot A, demo controls on page A1
[see]Jan 19, 05zynthetixG2 Patches - ExperimentalOne Control Knob Assigned to Multiple Pages
pseudo random noodle...mux based pitch sequencers on a string thing, drone thing, and some cymbal sounds. Functional on un-expanded G2.
[see]Jan 12, 05zynthetixSequencer - automatic (noodles)pluck, croon, and hit
[see]Jan 6, 05zynthetixNord Modular G2 Discussionnote send question
load in slot A
[see]Jan 6, 05zynthetixNord Modular G2 Discussionnote send question
cross switch.pch2
Load in slot A. The first flip flop is supposed to toggle with every gate, the second is supposed to toggle with every other.
[see]Jan 5, 05zynthetixNord Modular G2 Discussionflip flop toggle confusion
[see]Jan 5, 05zynthetixNord Modular G2 Discussionflip flop toggle confusion
Example of altering keyboard split ranges with a touch of a button. On Global controls, page A1, knob 1, press the button to alter the note response range of patch A from full keyboard to only C3 and up.
[see]Nov 21, 04zynthetixNord Modular G2 DiscussionMIDI control between patches
3:00 minute noodle/song. Hit Run on master clock to start. When stopping master clock, wait for sound to fade out entirely before restarting. Not intended for manual control, but there is some to toy with in slot B (for slot B sounds only). Works on un
[see]Nov 16, 04zynthetixG2 Performances - Noodles_hibaku_.prf2
Demontration of logic modules used in combination with a Bin Counter and 8 counter to contrast the differences between the two counters and use of multiple logic modules to achieve a single result.
[see]Nov 5, 04zynthetixNord Modular G2 Discussionswitches and logic in the g2
Pitch seq that modulates osc pitch only when env has decayed
[see]Oct 7, 04zynthetixG2 Patches - ExperimentalEnv end AND clock
tsm pad noise a.pch2
[see]Dec 31, 69zynthetix
tsm pad noise a.pch2
[see]Dec 31, 69zynthetix

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