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Octahedra - Dampflokomotiv (extract showing the only complete run-through of the main chord sequence)
2.02 MBNov 29, 09OctahedraCompositionWriting music that people can actually play...
Octahedra - Integral Domains (extract - work in progress)
1.02 MBMay 29, 09OctahedraCompositionSilence question
Octahedra - Harmonograph 1
4 MBApr 18, 09OctahedraNew ReleasesOctahedra - Harmonograph
Octahedra - Arctic Circle
7.86 MBApr 18, 09OctahedraCompositionJekyll - meet Hyde...
Octahedra - Polar Transform
7.67 MBJan 8, 09OctahedraCompositionComputer Generated Music Contest
Octahedra - Equatorial Transform
7.66 MBDec 14, 08OctahedraCompositionComputer Generated Music Contest
Octahedra - Dark Matter (extract featuring bubblesort as sequence morphing technique)
2.68 MBDec 11, 08OctahedraCompositionAlgorithmic composition - what does everyone think?

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