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143.45 MBJan 6, 10ocpStreaming Radio Station[2009-2010] Post your NYE streaming event sets here!
beating a dead piano.wav
stoned piano
8.7 MBNov 14, 10ocpField recordingsInjured Steinway
drone to the bone.mp3
Drone to the bone!
16.58 MBJan 28, 10ocpOnline Musicdrone to the bone
5.11 MBMay 27, 11ocpField recordingsMantra
injured Steinway.wav
Steinway & Sons grand piano recorded with Sony mic and minidisc. The piano was lying on it's side with the lid removed as well as the fall. What you hear is direct intervention on the strings with nails and plastic cup.
4.97 MBNov 14, 10ocpField recordingsInjured Steinway
ocp's performance
55.25 MBFeb 27, 10ocpStreaming Radio StationShimmering: An Evening of Ambient Music 3
organ reworks preview.mp3
preview of the five tracks in the EP
2.57 MBFeb 1, 09ocpMiscellaneous Photo Gallery1730
Ponto - Cruz.wav
Cruz by Ponto (aka ocp)
41.84 MBNov 16, 10ocpField recordings1st Annual Electro-Music Field Recording Composition Project
inventor (Chuck) vs. ocp (pure data)
9.66 MBFeb 28, 09ocpStreaming Radio StationWeekend Stream Jams

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