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Calendar / 2013-05-17



Asheville electro-music festival

The Asheville electro-music festival brings some of the world's finest electronic and experimental musicians to Asheville, North Carolina.

They will be joined by local artists for two days of concerts, workshops, demonstrations and collaborations. Musical styles cover a broad spectrum, guaranteed to be creative and original. Live video art will accompany the concerts, for an immersive multi-media experience. The musicians employ a wide variety of electronic and acoustic instruments, from synthesizers and theremins to found objects and custom controllers. Afternoons will feature hands-on workshops and interactive performances.

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  • Shueh-Li Ong _exotic synthpop
  • Machine Eat Man _Egyptronica
  • Aligning Minds _dubby soundscapes
  • Cypress South _vox tripnotica
  • Kevin Kissinger _theremin
  • Kevin Spears _kalimba and electronics
  • Mahoney and Peck _progressive dark ambient
  • Klimchak _electro-acoustic multi-instrumentalist
  • Auroric Dreams _ambient space music
  • Paul Harriman _eigenharp ephemera
  • Waveformation _organic electronic
  • Twyndyllyngs _electronic chamber music
  • Dreamphonic _space music
  • Bake Sale _electro-ambient
  • Kip Rosser _theremin


  • Azimuth Visuals
  • Michael O'Bannon
  • VJ Cargo

Experimental Asheville Showcase:

  • Oariana and the Master Cylinders
  • Anubis Rude
  • Andy Loebs
  • Human Energy Field
  • Villages
  • Hypnic Jerk


  • Sound Healing _Linda Go
  • Midi Guitar _Ed Siedzik
  • Looping _Teddy Klett
  • Collaboration and Improvisation _Kevin Kissinger
  • Free Improvisation _Charles Shriner
  • Eigenharp Demonstration _Paul Harriman

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