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Please add new items at the top and precede them with !!! to get it into the table of contents; don't make an item too long or talk about it forever, start a new item instead of responding on one deep down, otherwise it will be hard to find.

Feel free though to add stuff here, anything related to the Wiki as a whole, comments, complaints, requests can go here.

Radio menus again

I've totally turned it inside out ... to bring more structure ... and it struck me that visitors dont want to see menu pages, they want content ... so I stripped some of those. Still not quite what I'd want, but at least one can just tune in now immediately after hitting Radio in the side bar and I got out the tech stuff from the intro and program info pages.

Blue Hell 2013-04-01 20:22 [UTC-7]

Starting to look cool now... cool smiley [Q].

User names with brackets

See there for a fix of this. In short, being [Q] you can now sign with %%% or %%%% - hopefully, it works on my name .. lemme see [Q] happy smiley

Blue Hell

Alas... [Q] the end bracket is the wrong color frowning smiley

Seems fixed now.

 ??http://elec ... ile&u=ID | [username]?? 

used now instead of

 [[http://elec ... ile&u=ID | [username]]] 

when there is a ] in the username.

Can not use ?? now anymore twice in one line ?? A lil more work needed. Ok, just do not use a | in between two ?? ?? 's ... on the same line that is.

Hmm .. that means the %%% is no longer needed either ~~~ stuff should always work ... well .. unless a user name has ? and ] in it .. ok removing the %%% stuff again. nonsense ... forget it ... sign with %%% or %%%% please.

User names with both a ] and a ? still won't work ... but I'm guessing that ? is an illegal character in phpbb user names.

Blue Hell

happy smiley [Q].

Split up menus?

I was going to add some sub menus to the Photo Albums section, but that would make the radio menus very large.

I think it would be best to split off / Articles / Photo Albums / Schematics Vault / from Site.MenuContents, then rename Site.MenuContents into Site.MenuRadio and make Site.MenuAlbums etc. as well - then alter the side bar to reflect the changes.

Good plan?

Hmm .. started on it ... it seems to reveal a bug in the menu system .. or is it a feature - the Radio menu is always folded out now.

Right ... the unfolding can be stopped by starting the menu with a dummy line having one * only - doesnt look nice though on seeing the menu - so will prolly need be determined what's wrong with the code - don't quite get it tho.

Blue Hell

It's a good plan to split the menus up.. gives each one room to grow..
I tried to block up the Site.MenuRadio with bgcolor to make it easier to read.. but it does not work.. I prefer what we have already..
You could always add a dummy * to the bottom to balance things out.. happy smiley [Q].

Turns out that a single colon (:) works as well - looks a tad better ... still trying to understand the code.

Ok, fixed likely, had a count variable starting at 0 where it should likely start at 1 ... not 100% sure, we'll see where it crashes now, sofar it looks ok.

The stripy stuff .. I don't know about that ... besides, if done it is probably something better done from CSS, it is a lot of work this way.

Blue Hell

It looks good and no crashes so far..
I don't like the stripy stuff.. I prefer the box and bgcolor=#f0f9ff happy smiley

New radio pages

Radio.RadioInfoSrv2 and Radio.RadioManagePublic

there will be some more prolly, also thinking about embedding all radio overview and control pages into the wiki as well - with some proper group management that should be safe and .. it would be googleable findable then.

Made a menu thingie for it too Radio.RadioManagementPages? Blue Hell - and removed it again ...

These new Radio Pages are most excellent and very functional.. thank you.. Menu changes look good too.. happy smiley [Q].

Embedded IRC chat

Mibbit IRC chat - to be finished soon - sorry [Q], hope it's not too tempting winking smiley

Fixed now - made it accessible for logged in users only. Blue Hell

Hehe.. happy smiley what port does it use.. I have many ports blocked and 80% of google.. [Q].

Port 80 ... Blue Hell

mmm black screen here.. I must have the IP address blocked.. [Q].
nope.. wasn't a blocked IP address...
it uses Port 443 as well.. and the following servers connect..	:443	HTTPS	firefox GOOGLE	:443	HTTPS	firefox	AMAZON-05	:443	HTTPS	firefox AMAZON-02
as well as lots on Port 80.. frowning smiley

Ah, yeah, forgot that the Mibbit page uses stuff too. Blue Hell

Radio Menu

Radical Change...
If we make every menu look like this one Radio.Temp? with an appropiate menu title.. the map will indicate where you are.. and we only need to make one change in the Site.MenuRadio page and its done.. instead of the four entries we currently need to make. phew... not perfect but better.. happy smiley [Q].

o_o no idea what you are talking about, just put 'r in then winking smiley Blue Hell
Ah, ok, I see what you mean now happy smiley

It's done.. can restore if not good.. it's different.. happy smiley
To add, remove or move a page or menu.. it requires one change on the Site.MenuRadio page.
Sometimes it's easier to do than explain happy smiley
Done the How To for changing the Radio Menu [Q].

It improved, thanks! Blue Hell


I toyed a bit with the calendar code such that Calendar.Calendar and such don't fuzz up the sidebar anymore. I still want a sort of a category page for calendar pages (where all events can be viewed) - but I want that to be automatic. Tested some stuff before, but deleted it again .. was not good .. back to the drawing board ... Blue Hell

Made something quick and dirty - an 11 - 12 moth look ahead thingie, see Help.SiteSpecificMarkup and for an example see Radio.FutureEvents which I put into some of the radio menus instead of Calendar.Calendar. It basically uses the same codse as the sidebar fix, but the sidebar looks 1 - 2 months into the future only. Blue Hell

I've added a Radio.RadioSchedule? page.. a big oversight shrieking smiley and I've updated Radio.FutureEvents page so that it focuses on Forthcoming Events (please restore if you want), it still needs some work on the intro. (I've had an idea for the menus that I need to work on before I forget it). [Q].

Good plan happy smiley Blue Hell



>>bgcolor=#dee3e7 border='0px solid gray' padding=5px<<

for emphasis is cool.. cool smiley [Q].

it needs the closing >><< though .. heh, and I sort of stole it from you, some colored boxes are good I think! Blue Hell

I think too many colored boxes is not good.. I think the Map needs a box and I really like what you did with the green text it indicates where you are on the Map.. happy smiley I am still not sure about the color of the Map box.. and I like the Menu section at the top of the page without a box this make it consistant with how you have used it on the rest of the wiki.
For comparison...
The stub box looks cool too happy smiley [Q].

I think the green (hmm .. on the mac it's more blue like, on this screen it's more green like) for the radio map is good to make it stand out (and just applied it to Site.SpecialPages too), but also that on for instance Radio.StreamingInfoMenu? either both colored areas should have a border, or alternatively, both should not have a border ... also see Testing.01

Also I'd like to remove some of the horizontal bars on pages (the ---- things) ... I think colored backgrounds are easier on the eye than the horizontal rulers ...

You'd want to remove the color backrounds from the menu's too?

Anyway, I was just experimenting a bit ... not too sure either. Oh and I did a lot of pixel fiddling too - add a couple here remove some there ...

Apart from that the standard nested list markup seems to indent a bit much, guess I should trim some pixels off there too. Blue Hell

Also I'd like to remove some of the horizontal bars on pages (the ---- things) ... 
I think colored backgrounds are easier on the eye than the horizontal rulers ... 
I concur. happy smiley colored backgrounds are nicer..

Lets go with.. Radio.RadioMenu? as is.. with those colored backgrounds for the menus. I like the large indents (in the Map) easy to read.. [Q].

set them to indent 24 pixels now, that still enough? Blue Hell
indets ok happy smiley [Q].

Some pixel milling done on rulers ... they seem less disturbing now to me. Blue Hell

I can't see the pixel disturbance.. and I love the new page color.. grinning smiley

Website embedding

Added website embedding, for an example see NM Archive, added some more info in the HowTos section. It's not perfect (it messes up the wiki layout a bit), but it's bloody damn quick to make!

. happy smiley

Chat room link

I had typed out that link once too many ... and then there was {_chat_room_} to get Chat Room happy smiley

Radio pages

Put in some work for Radio.ConnectionDetails - OMG we made that radio complicated ... some clever thought will be needed to split up the radio pages and then combine them into something coherent.

How about a structure something like this in the side bar..
with collapsible menus... happy smiley [Q].
Somehow I saw this coming winking smiley Will see if I can find something.
Added something .. seems fine to me, but let me know what you think please.
Editable through Site.MenuRadio - it still runs through the drafting pages now. Blue Hell
I think it's cool smiley ... I've moved the menus from drafting pages to Radio group and I've added a 'Map of Radio Pages' to the bottom of each menu.. might help stop getting lost..I can remove them if you don't like them.
Please can you delete Site.HistoryAndArchiveMenu? page.. thank you happy smiley [Q].
deleted ... to delete remove all contents and put in the single word delete into a page, then save. The map of radio pages would better be on some single page to be included with (:include Some.SinglePage:)? Or mayeb automated ... not sure if there is a nested list option for auto indexes ...
Glad you like the folding menus happy smiley Blue Hell
I've moved Map of Radio Pages to (:include Radio.RadioPagesMap:).. thats better happy smiley [Q].
Yup! Blue Hell

Layout details

Added a thin right border and removed some lines ... think it looks better now. Blue Hell

Time stamps

I've generalized the time stamp thing a bit in that it can translate date-time stamps written in a specific format as user local time - for details see here. ~ Blue Hell

Lookup tables

I've made the lookup tables working - it is not 100% yet, but getting there. See Site Specific Markup. For a working example see Calendar.20130323 and Radio.PortData for it's lookup table. Translated elements can contain markup now as well, this should then look OK in both the table and the lookup table. ~ Blue Hell


Not sure why PageViews appears in the Stub List frowning smiley . [Q].

Me neither .. tried some stuff to get it out to no avail yet.
Whatever the reason is, it probably is the same reason as to why this page is listed as a stub (while I had destubbed it) ... maybe because it mentions the words Category . Stub (without the spaces). Let me check ... ok, such is indeed the case. Now I had tried to avoid generating those words in PageViews but must have done incorrectly so, or maybe just iterating over the pages does it.
That is not the whole story apparently - I did manage to get Category . Stub out of the page views ... just as Category / Stub, Category . Stub-Talk and Category / Stub-Talk ... still that is not enough to solve the problem. Not even getting the word Category out all together helps o_O
And it appears in the Categories . Categories too - it should not.
I deleted the pageviews page and reinstalled it, that seems to have solved the issues.

Schedule looks changed

Changed the schedule looks a bit for the radio and playlist schedule things, the markup is the same still .. one problem tho ... can not have both schedule types on one page now .. working on that stilll. Main.WikiSwimmingPool currently shows the problem .. (it should have both JavaScript.PlaylistSchedule and JavaScript.RadioSchedule in it). ~ Blue Hell

Ok, this is fixed now - took me the whole day shrieking smiley ~ Blue Hell

Archiving talk pages

At some point we are going to need a method of archiving long Talk pages. [Q].

found some interesting discussions on the PmWiki mailing lists ... all pretty much procedural in nature and eventually going into the question "what is archiving". I agree that shortening up will be needed at some stage, but it will need some thought ... like will archived stuff still be linkable, searchable ... shortening of a long thread, should that be only in the presentation? or in the editor too?
Also .. what should the markup look like to accomplish tings.
Anyway .. to me it seemed it needed some thought and discussion,

Lots of good points there that need discussion.. how about we start a page for discussion of ArchivingTalk.. plenty of time yet. [Q].

Plenty of time indeed winking smiley but if ideas pop up, let's talk there.

Some new stuff

When JavaScript is enabled all time stamps should be in user local time now - they were in server time before.

I've made a {_stubs_} markup thingie to directly go to the Stub List without it opening on a new tab.

Also there now is a Site.SpecialPages that can be used with (:include Site.SpecialPages:) - added that in a couple of places.

~ Blue Hell 2013-03-01 18:52 [UTC-7]

Edit a Section

I was trying to provide an edit link that would enable the editing of one section only, on long pages like this one.. [Q].

That's a bit of a broader subject, section editing within pages. I've seen recipes being mentioned for it, but did not find time yet to look into that, and am not sure if it would work with stubbing. Will add it to the todo list. ~ Blue Hell

was not thinking about using it with stubbing (that was just an example page).. but with large collaborative pages.. to make it easier for people contributing or editing. [Q].

Ah ok, tried some recipes yesterday for that, seemed buggy ... will try fox later on (that one can do some more stuff). ~ Blue Hell

Re. getting lost ...

maybe these help ... these are on Help.Search too BTW

Could also use an rss feed like ... maybe. ~ Blue Hell


Do we have an Icon for a Stub and a page for all Stubs. [Q].

Not sure what you mean by 'Stub' Blue Hell it helps people to collaborate. Just look down the list of stubs to see what you can add to articles. [Q].

test: {_stub_} :: unstubbed by Blue Hell
ok .. something like that I guess? now it should auto add itself to category / stub ... working on that. Seems to work, is that what you meant?
Hmm .. it does not work as expected ... needs some more work.
Right, it does work, its just that the stub page itself will not be in the stub list o_O

The stub page does appear on the Category . Stub page :) . [Q].

Articles Section

The Articles section could benefit from having sub sections such as: Audio, DIY, Bio's, etc. [Q].

An index of tags would do this.. [Q].


Being able to apply multiple tags to pages should assist in navagation. [Q].

Have a look at the schematics vault, I put a bunch of tags in there - or is that not what you meant? Heh, glad you just put the chatter back up, guess I was too impatient then winking smiley Blue Hell

defined tags (categories) - that's it :) . [Q].

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