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    Schematics / Schematics


    Schematics Vault

    A collection of synth related schematics, collected by vladosh on the forum and copied to here by Blue Hell and vladosh.
    There is an automatically maintained sorted index here.
    There also is a categorized index.
    You can search the Vault through the search box above by using a search expression preceded by Schematics/ e.g Schematics/lfo to search for LFO's.

    Note on Copyright: always respected the great amount of work, effort and time invested by individuals in making a better synthesizer ,better designs . One can be only grateful that folks that spent their lifetimes in electronics are willing to share their knowledge and findings with the public . This thread will only try to serve as a wider reference to synthesizer schematics for better understanding or for inspiration for the next module.
    Please PM vladosh or Blue Hell if you don't want your work to be listed here.



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