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JavaScript / Java Script


This group is meant to allow for a set of pages that can hold HTML and JavaScript code.

The idea is that only privileged users will be able to use HTML and JavaScript markup.

The pages can be read though by anonymous users and this way HTML and JavaScript powered wiki pages can be made available as read only content to the general public.

The protection is set through the group attributes.

To get code from any of the pages from this section into a user editable page, in that page use:

 (:include JavaScript.''SomeJavaScriptPage'':)

To include a JavaScript library please use

  {script: scriptname.js} 

as this keeps track of all the inclusions and prevents multiple inclusions to occur. This must be a script that is already present on the server - otherwise the markup will be ignored.

The following pages are available in this section

All pages in this group will automatically be listed on this page - there is no need to manually add pages.

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