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    Radio / Private Streaming
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    Private streaming

    A private streaming session is not announced on the forum, you can just stream at any time you like and then invite people to listen to you. The easiest way to get started with private streaming is to pick one of the five open ports, look up the connection details and go for it!

    It is also possible to request a private radio port, for this you'll need a more or less good reason as the private ports are limited in amount. To get a private port please send out a request to one of the stream operators. The stream operator can honor such a request or decline it - when you're admitted you will receive a port number and a password which you will need to be able to connect up to the streaming server.

    You can use the Chat Room to talk with others about your performance, or announce it there. To get a listen URL for your stream you can go to the port info page and hover your mouse over the speaker symbol associated with your port - or right click on it and select 'copy link location' (or whatever menu item your browser may have for that).

    Private streams are used for event streaming as well. For this a stream operator will plug your port into the main channel at the scheduled time.

    Please do not use private streaming during radio events or scheduled shows, except when it is for (testing) your performance. And in that case, after your performance disconnect please.

    Also consider using Open port streaming (with or without setting up a forum announcement).

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